Wedding Band Shopping Tips and Trends for Men

Apr 21, 2011

When most guys consider wedding bands, they think of the very traditional plain white gold or platinum band. In fact, most men didn’t start wearing wedding bands until the late 1930s, when World War II started and then they were very simple out of necessity and cost. Guys today, however, will find that they have as many options in wedding band design as women do! And if you’re not a guy who wears a lot of jewelry to begin with, the choice can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a wedding band:

Select A Wedding Ring that Matches Your Lifestyle

One of the important things to consider is the kind of lifestyle you lead. If you have an office job, you have more options in regard to how elaborate the design is, the kind of metal used, or if you want to use gemstones. Unless when you leave that job for the day your go play rugby. If you work in a job such as landscaping, you’ll need a low-maintenance ring that can stand up to daily abuse. What kind of schedule you have on a daily basis should be the guide for the kind of wedding band you’re looking for. Ideally, a wedding band is something that you should want to wear everyday and you wouldn’t want a particular gemstone setting or metal to limit that.

Comfort-Fit Rings

All of you men who don’t wear jewelry on a regular basis, take heart. Jewelry designers have finally started ergonomically designing men’s wedding bands so that they don’t pinch or feel like a burden to wear. These new “comfort-fit” rings are contoured or tapered to reduce friction on your fingers. The tapered shaped also helps with absorbing any impact the ring may take. Also, depending on the size of your finger’s, the width of a ring can also impact how comfortable the wedding band is. Men with larger hands or longer fingers generally prefer rings with wider widths. The top and bottom of the edges of the ring should also be rounded.

Innovative New Ring Materials

Gold is a thing of the past. Innovative new ring materials are a major part what has brought men’s wedding bands new popularity. Today men’s rings come in titanium, cobalt, ceramic, and tungsten to name a few. These materials help give men’s wedding bands an exotic new look, extraordinary durability, and are often much more budget friendly options than gold or platinum.

Palladium – Palladium is a naturally white metal and appears to be whiter than white gold. Also, unlike gold, when palladium tarnished it does not gain a yellow hue. Palladium is a rare metal, but it is generally less expensive than gold and it will be more durable and lightweight compared to platinum. Since palladium is not an alloy, this metal is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Platinum – Platinum is a naturally white, extremely strong metal. Platinum can receive scratches, but the metal is often displaced instead of removed and doesn’t tarnish easily. This means with regular maintenance from your jeweler, the wedding band can be restored to almost new looking condition. Platinum is roughly five times more rare than gold. This rarity means that platinum designs will be much more expensive and because of the density, the rings will be heavier. Since platinum is not an alloy, it is very hypoallergenic. You should consider this metal if your wedding band will be subjected to regular wear and tear.

Titanium – Titanium has a naturally gray hue and lightweight as aluminum. Titanium is a metal that can take an amazing amount of battering. Unlike with other reputably strong metals, such as platinum, a titanium ring can survive an extreme impact without bending or breaking. However, titanium will show scratches with normal wear, but they can be easily restored. A titanium ring is hypoallergenic but it cannot be re-sized. Titanium is a very budget-friendly metal choice for men’s wedding bands.

Tungsten – Tungsten, or tungsten carbide, is growing the fastest in popularity for material choice in men’s rings. Because of its unique strength, a tungsten ring will not dull or scratch. However, if the ring does encounter some kind of severe impact, such as being slammed in a car door, the ring is likely to fracture. If you have allergies to metals, be careful with what kind of tungsten alloy ring you purchase. Sometimes the alloy is created with cobalt, which some people have an allergic response to. A tungsten nickel alloy is considered to be more hypoallergenic. Tungsten carbide is a denser ring and will be almost twice as heavy as a metal like sterling silver. Tungsten carbide is generally a black metal and is extraordinarily difficult to re-size or engrave.

White Gold – White gold is created when yellow gold is alloyed with nickel or rhodium, and even as an alloy this metal is still relatively soft. White gold only needs to contain 41% gold to be considered “pure,” which is what makes it appear less white than naturally white metals such as palladium and platinum. White gold is a softer metal and so when it receives scratches, a tiny fraction of the metal is removed each time. Given enough wear, a white gold ring may eventually need to be reinforced with more gold to restore it to its original condition.


A wedding band is meant to fit your style and personality. This means that your wedding band doesn’t have to identically match the band of your partner. If you want a black tungsten carbide ring and she wants platinum, don’t seat it! Instead try to link the rings through a similar pattern or if you get a two tone ring, have her metal be an accent metal in your band. You could match the colors of the metals, gemstones, or rely on an identical engraving. There are several ways to pair your wedding bands so that they accurately express your unique relationship.

Also, usage of gemstones has become increasingly popular in men’s wedding band designs. There are many options with regards to settings for gemstones that can give your ring the right amount of sparkle and still be unmistakably masculine.

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